Taj Garden Restaurant


About Us


Dear Diners,

Nested in the heart of Brickfields, this is a new hub, a new casual dining restaurant promising your taste buds nothing but pleasure. Our story began when a group of elemental chefs came together to serve what they serve best, and what they can serve new. Fusion is the name of the novel foods you will find here, and yo can rest assure you can’t find them anywhere else in the country.

Our open kitchen concept allows diners to observe their chefs in action as they toss, sizzle, and create masterpieces scrumptious enough to delight the fussiest palates with love and enthusiasm. Each chef, best at what they do, come up with great combinations to offer a new dining experience. Taj Garden offers a large spread of North Indian, Western and Oriental Cuisine, in which each dish is loosely strung to its origins as it bursts into exquisite tang and flavor, after having undergone fusion and mouth watering transformations.


Our mission is to serve you delicious meals an regardless from which type of cuisine they originate from, we promise quality and taste in all. So sit back, relax and get ready to be served by our smiling Garden Crew.

Bon Appetite !!!