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Start a Meal off right with your favourite from our menu of signature appetizers. Can’t choose just one? You don’t have to with our clay pot chicken wings.


  Soup / Salad / Egg
See the soup feel the Shine
Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like Chicken from the Oven
vegetarian specialties   egg   fish

Vegetarian / Paneer
A vegetable a day helps you Work, Rest and Play


  Mutton / Grill / Western
Every meal deserves a great neighbour
  Fish / Shrimps / Western
It's time to think about
Bread / Roti   Rice   pizza

Bread / Roti
Optimized for speed


  Rice / Goreng
The Gift of Nature
  Pizza / Noodles / Burger
Style Outside Taste Inside
western chicken   hot coffee   mocktails
Chicken / Western
Juicy and Flavourful
  Hot Coffee / Dessert
Coffee makes the old days good
  Drinks / Tea
Mocktails just Famous